Enjoy every ride

  • Perfect all-rounder kite for any skill level
  • Delta platform provides auto-relaunch capability
  • Accessible depower provides huge wind range
  • Quad strut design for unbeatable low end potential
  • EZ-PUMP™, equipped with Twist Lock Valve
  • Included with kite: nylon sleeve, kite bag and a repair kit
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Riding Style

Surf 3
Freeride 4
New to the sport 5
Newschool 1
Light wind 3

Kite Size vs. Wind Speed (knots)

3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36
3.5 m starts good sweet-spot on-limit
5.5 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
7.5 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
8.5 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
9.5 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
10.5 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
11.5 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
13.5 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit

Enjoy every ride

You are looking at the ultimate freeride kite. Over seven generations we perfected even the smallest details of the Kahoona for you to enjoy every ride!

The Kahoona is a true pulling machine. It covers a huge wind range thanks to its quad strut design and great depower characteristics. The Delta platform and the new 2-point back bridle system provide the kite with exceptional control and auto-relaunch capabilities, making it the perfect kite for all skill levels. While jumping it has a great lift and an even better hangtime, which also ensures smooth and soft landings. The 2015 Kahoona is lighter, faster and more durable than ever before. It is the perfected progression and freeride kite for you to enjoy every ride!

Designer’s Vision

The Kahoona V7 is incredible fun to fly. Its ease of use and great performance across a huge wind range allows you to focus on your riding progression.

Peter Stiewe

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Double Core RS

Double Core RS

Latest material technology: double ripstop for enhanced durability and tear strength.

Quad Strut Design

Quad Strut Design

Responsive handling, maximum low end power and amazing stability come from the Kahoona's Quad-Strut design helping to make it the perfect freeride kite.

Swept Wingtips

Swept Wingtips

The swept wingtips provide a maximum of stability, highest depower, huge low end and the easiest possible relaunch. They are essential for the do-anything freeride performance.

Twist Lock Valve

Twist Lock Valve

Ride more, pump less. With 3x the air flow of a standard kite valve our new Twist-Lock-Valve is the simplest and most reliable inflate/deflate valve you’ll ever use. It has a unique quick-twist locking mechanism and is Exclusive to Best.

KITE Stats

Turning Speed
Unhooked Ability
Dropdown Drift
Jumping Ability
Bar Pressure
Low End