Dominate the competition

  • Team designed, 100 % competition C-kite
  • Innovative Reflex leading edge shape for more air travel and POP
  • Twin Tune to set up your Style mission
  • 5th line safety for easy relaunch
  • EZ Pump™, equipped with Twist Lock Valve
  • Included with kite: nylon sleeve, kite bag and a repair kit
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Riding Style

Surf 2
Freeride 3
New to the sport 1
Newschool 5
Light wind 2

Kite Size vs. Wind Speed (knots)

3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36
6 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
7 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power proper-power
9 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
11 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
13 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit

Dominate the competition

We have the most professional and experienced team riders of the planet riding with us. They are 100 % committed to win every heat and dominate each contest. Therefore they need the best kite possible. This is why 2-time World Champ Youri Zoon and 9-time World Champ Gisela Pulido work so closely together with our Best R&D team. They made sure that the GP is custom-tailored for performance freestylers.

The innovative reflex leading edge of the GP provides the pop and line slack the pros need to perform. The Twin Tune system allows each rider to adjust the kite to their personal riding style. The 2015 GP is much lighter which results in an even faster and more direct steering. The durability increased by the revision of all Dacron parts. We further enhanced the stability of the GP so it stays rock solid while you throw the craziest unhooked wakestyle moves with which you’ll dominate the competition!

Designer’s Vision

The GP V3 is a fantastic project. I worked closely with our international team to make the kite perfectly suited to their powerful new school riding styles. It is great watching those guys ripping in the water!

Peter Stiewe

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Double Core RS

Double Core RS

With twice as many reinforcing fibers as standard canopy cloths our Double Core RS delivers twice the performance with enhanced durability so good we guarantee all our kites for life. It uses the latest available materials technology and is exclusive to Best.

5th Line Equipped

5th Line Equipped

Our 5th-line safety system provides maximum emergency depower, reliable operation and easy relaunch in any conditions.

The Reflex

The Reflex

The GP’s unique Reflex curved LE increases the lift area of the canopy and helps to make it the fastest relaunching c-kite you can own. With more lift area you get increased upwind ability, greater depower and of course more power, pop and amazing travel for unhooked tricks. The Reflex LE is just one reason why world champions choose to Ride With Us.

Twin Tune

Twin Tune

Adjust your front line attachment points to dial in the perfect amount of pop, lift, turning speed and slack line feel to suit your riding style- freestyle or wakestyle.

KITE Stats

Turning Speed
Unhooked Ability
Dropdown Drift
Jumping Ability
Bar Pressure
Low End