Go below 10 knots

  • Easy riding lighter winds even for heavy riders
  • Double concave shape with railsteps for more lift, less drag and earlier planing
  • 3D torsion shock absorber in finite element technology
  • Double Edge Rail for more grip and better upwind performance in every edging angle
  • Size 145 cm weight 3.3 kg
    Size 158 cm weight 3.7 kg
  • Board and fins only! Pads and straps need to be purchased separate.
$ 679.00

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Riding Style

Surf 1
Freeride 4
New to the sport 5
Newschool 1
Light wind 5

Go below 10 knots

We developed a board that enables you to enjoy a kite session even in the lightest wind. The Breeze is designed with a double concave shape with railsteps to enhance the lift and to provide earlier planing while reducing the drag. Even in wind below 10 knots the board starts to glide. We equipped it with a double edge rail for the best grip and upwind performance possible. The Supremo Wood Core makes it super light while providing an incredible flex making it easy to pop out of the water. The 3D torsion/shock absorber on the top of the board enhance this flex even further and adds more comfort. The Breeze easily absorbs chop and gnarly landings. The Breeze boards come fully lacquered and are therefore extremely durable. Go below 10 knots and enjoy every session to its fullest.

Designer’s Vision

The Breeze is now lighter and with reduced drag for amazing upwind performance. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider looking to have lots of fun in low wind conditions, the Breeze is perfect!

Franz Schitzhofer

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Wood Flex Core

Double Edge

Our innovative Double Edge reduces spray, offers extra grip and plans earlier as any other board-edge. The Double Edge is exclusive to Best.

Wood Flex Core

Step Rail

Step Rail

Supremo Wood Core

Supremo Wood Core

The Supremo wood core is CNC machined to be stiffer and more precise than out Wood Flex core and it's ideally suited to any rider looking for the lightest wood core to help push their level.

Wood Flex Core

X Tension 3D Construction

3D CNC'd wood core extension places the stiffness and strength exactly where you need it for maximum control and performance with zero weight penalty.


Ease of Use
Chop Handling
Carving Ability
Early Planing