Prices are per person. If nights are booked, breakfast and cleaning service is included*

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And there is more...

Imagine yourself basking in the lap of luxury at a beachside paradise, with plenty of greenery and nature to soak in. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and forget your worries, surrounded by stunning scenery and all the comforts you could desire.

Honestly, there is no better deal…

What if...

You want a course without a room

The prices would be the following per person per day:

50€ — 2h for a group (max 4) 

70€ — 2h for a couple

80€ — 2h for a semi private

120€– 2h for a private

What if its a private class, but a double room?

No problem, everything is possible here. It may happen that not everyone who comes to our luxury accommodation wants to learn kitesurfing and would rather read a good book in our wonderful garden watching the sunset.
Not a bad plan either, is it? For you the price per night will be 80 euros.


You just want a room

Sadly, we can’t offer you just the room. However,  you can only extend your stay if the course has not finished due to weather conditions for 80€ per person per night. 

You loved the course (and so we hope) and you want to stay longer

Extra nights are 175€ per night if you would take a room of two. If you want an extra bed, it would be 20€ more

How many kites ?

GROUP: 3 – 4 people 2 cometas
COUPLE: 2 people with 1 shared kite
SEMIPRIVATE: 2 people max with 2 kites
PRIVATE: 1 person with 1 kite

What if there is not wind?...

Wind is unpredictable…and if I had to choose a super power it would be to control it …. but unfortunately we cannot control it 

However, how does this mater to you… well… you might have booked a class one day and it is not possible to do it because there is not enough wind or there is too much. 


However, luckily for you, Tarifa is prepared for that, and you can replace your courses for paddle surf or surf, (30 €/hour) maybe even wake board if you want! (80€/hour + 25 per monitor). So down worry and relax because we’ve got you covered!

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