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Why manufacturing in Tarifa?

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For a long time, we have been seeing how most of the companies implement their manufacturing outside Spain and even outside Europe to take it to mainly Asian countries and the great reason to move all manufacturing outside their countries we can say that it is the decrease of costs and ultimately, to produce cheaper to increase the benefit of sales.

In the kite world, this is no exception. Most of the brands have their factories outside Europe and there are very few companies that take this “risk” and immerse themselves in the challenge of having a one hundred percent European product, even if manufacturing in a European country means an expense for these daring companies that give priority to the quality of the European product. And we say “daring companies” because the current times are not easy for any of them for tax and economic reasons, not to mention the pandemic of Covid 19 that we have suffered for more than 1 year and all the consequences that this has meant for everyone.

In this case, we mention our brand Best Kiteboarding since last year with its factory located in Tarifa, the mecca of wind and considered one of the best places for kite lovers around the world to practice this exciting sport.

Best Kiteboarding Factory

In spite of all that it means economically to produce in Europe, specifically in Tarifa, and although we know that most of the companies do it outside Europe, the big question is, why Best Kiteboarding factory in Tarifa?

There are several reasons that seem sufficient to us to assume this increase in the costs of our products and raw materials, in addition to having to find people specialized in this sector near our manufacturing. In the following, we will explain our reasons and why we believe they are advantages for our kiteboarding brand.

Safety in production and delivery times to the customer

This is a very important factor, although all the reasons that we are going to develop are important, this one is especially important because we have the power to offer the customer a quick response on when he will have his product in his hands ready to fly. There can be situations of high demand where our available stock is greatly diminished, even to the point of not having stock at the very moment the customer requests it. Having our factory in constant operation and having it located in our location makes us stronger to be able to offer the customer the service he deserves.

Full control of our products

Our products are no longer more than 10,000 km away from our control and our border. Now, our finished products and raw materials are in our possession and we know what we have in stock at all times.

Recently, we have experienced situations in which many companies have been adversely affected, such as when the whole world was paralyzed by a pandemic or when a rise in fuel prices caused a rise in transport prices. Not to mention the incident that took place in the Suez Canal, in which international trade was frozen for months, negatively affecting many entities.

Contribution to the local economy

The importance and prestige that Tarifa gives us as a kitesurfing brand is unquestionable. Located in the southernmost point of Europe, has a privileged location where you find strong winds, excellent weather conditions and a paradise of sea sport that is increasingly visited by thousands of people a year who love kitesurfing.

Seamstress at Best Kiteboarding factory

Manufacturing in Tarifa also means contributing to its economy, increasing employability and increasing its visibility worldwide. Best Kiteboarding, as of today, provides employment to more than forty people with respectable conditions, eliminating the temporality that exists and giving opportunity to trained and prepared people who reside in Tarifa throughout the year. These data are expected to increase in the coming months as the company’s project continues to grow every day and will require much more staff in our facilities.

Improved quality in our products

The increase in the quality of our products lies in the fact that we have 100% European raw materials that we have been able to evaluate accurately and carefully thanks to the proximity of our providers. The proximity of the providers has given us the possibility to test and evaluate the quality of these raw materials at all times, choosing only those that meet our quality standards in order to offer the best to our customers.

Now we incorporate more resistant materials with the final purpose of offering more durability in all of them. The great novelties of our new kites are mainly, resistant and anti-tear dacron, triple ripstop canopy, incorporation of a material throughout the structure of the kite called “insignia” and double stitching on the ribs.

Dacron, canopy e insignia Best Kiteboarding

Fast response for our customers.

Taking over all production, having nearby providers located all over Europe and joining our distribution center with our factory makes Best Kiteboarding’s response time faster than ever. Our manufacturing is also focused on having spare parts for all our kitesurfing products.

Best Kiteboarding now has close proximity to its providers as well as its production and distribution center. This means that we can offer the customer quick answers and a high quality after sales service because we depend one hundred percent on ourselves and this translates into a decrease in both delivery times and response to any customer and for any part of the world because we depend on ourselves one hundred percent.

In short, these are the main reasons why Best Kiteboarding is strongly committed to produce its products in Europe and to be the standard bearer of European quality. We encourage you to come and visit us in Tarifa.

Factory Best Kiteboarding

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