Why we don't offer a backpack with our kites

We believe it makes no sense to offer each kite with a backpack. It should always be your choice to add a backpack when you need it. We want to share our vision with you.

We don’t add a backpack to every kite and here is why:

Price tag: Making a backpack is quite expensive. The cheapest quote we ever received was around 20$. At retail level you end up paying up to €/$ 80 just for the backpack. We think this is not justified.

– Quality: We and our production partners are not experts in backpack building. We could make a good quality bag but it’s not cost-efficient to make them, it’s simply a matter of specialization and volume. This results in higher prices

– Sustainability :We found out that many people don’t use them and they go to waste. We don’t like to consume resources that go to waste!

This is why our kites come today in a very practical sleeve that features a lot of benefits compared to a standard backpack It is very compact and lightweight.

– The sleeve is approx. 10 x lighter! 100gr. vs. 1KG
– When traveling using a board bag we realized that most people would never take the backpacks as these are simply unpractical. With our sleeves it is no problem at all to put 3 kites, board and everything you need in one travel bag.

 – When using the extended setup it gives you the option to carry your kites with struts inflated and you can handle multiple kites easily

 – They are so smartly designed that there are no inconvenient loops, straps or handles when fitting them in a car. They easily find their way in the smallest of cars.

 – When the kites are nicely packed in the sleeve, you still have plenty of place for more equipment in your car.

  • Relax place
  • Elegant furniture and lighting


That said we know that there are situations where the big backpack with storage and fixing option can be handy. We do have plans to make a cool backpack with many useful features in the future and sell it as a separate item for those who really want one.