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Endless Summers, windy winters, Adrenaline rushes and des-stress sessions. Established in 2003, with you FOREVER

Who are we?

Best Kiteboarding took flight in 2003, fueled by our passion for kiteboarding. We set out to create gear that would elevate the sport to new heights and inspire riders around the world to chase their dreams. We poured our hearts into every design, and our commitment to delivering absolute customer satisfaction never wavered. Today, we are proud to see our gear in the hands of riders everywhere, pushing the limits and achieving greatness. With every kite that soars and every rider that soars with it, we are reminded of the power of passion and the infinite possibilities that come with chasing your dreams.

How did we get here?

We always challenge the status quo and bring innovation in everything we do. We’re driven by an endless obsession with kiting and that’s what we share with our customers. People like you who live for kiting, just like we do.

Best has always been a pure kiteboarding company. We didn’t grow out of windsurfing or any other sport. The disruption that we brought to the market allowed us to pass the advantages on to our customers.We believe in remaining hungry and motivated to challenge the status quo.We believe in kiteboarding. We are focused entirely on it and stay out of other trends in watersports. We focus uniquely on the sport we love.

Our mission is to Inspire Guide Help Create Nurture you. Always having fun in the way


It’s part of our history and identity to get as close to our customers as we can. Our doors are open 24/7 and we travelled the planet putting our gear in your hands. We pioneered new communication technologies and were the first in the industry to provide a direct customer service hotline. We are probably the only brand you can reach directly via Livechat or Skype all around the globe and we are the only brand in the world calling you to ride with us!

We pioneered a modern distribution model. Our obsession with putting customers above all else led to the industry’s first direct-to-consumer sales model. We followed that up by adding a direct-to-retailer sales channel, to include local shops and schools in our rapidly growing family. We continue to operate our own centralized warehouses that efficiently serve the major markets. The disruption that we brought to the market allowed us to pass the advantages on to our customers. For a maximized value for money and higher quality products.

We continuously pushed the boundaries and we’ve learned that innovation needs to be easily observable, highly accessible and must deliver substantial value to you. We have always stood up to take responsibility for our mistakes and we view each of them as an opportunity to improve. Because we care about you and you’ve agreed with us.

As a customer you have plenty of choice. So why ride with Best? Because we invest heavily in quality, reliability and innovation? That’s not enough. We think that Best riders have at least one thing in common – real, pure and honest passion for the kite sport.

We believe in remaining hungry and motivated to continue to challenge the status quo. Years of experience coupled with fresh blood in the company have enabled us to accumulate both a wealth of knowledge and vibrant energy to deliver premium quality and innovation.

We encourage our employees to work across divisional lines and organize their own workflow. We welcome initiatives to improve and we understand that mistakes are a part of trying hard and getting better. A trick never crashed is a trick never tried, is a trick never landed.