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Best Kiteboarding believes that together with our TEAM BEST we will achieve brand visibility around the world and share our passion for the sport. The TEAM BEST community will be the first to receive information about the brand such as new gear releases, test gear available, events

The Roca is our wind range machine! From the lightest breeze to the fiercest storm, a two kite quiver allows you to face mostly any condition. Going upwind has never been easier!

Our kite is made in TARIFA, last technology in machinery, European materials, certified quality test, providers with fast response and reduction in more than 90% of plastic. It also has great  hanges and innovations such as dacron with more durability, reinforced structure with insignia and triple canopy.

For version 9 we have re-engineered our crossover high performance kite striking a fine line between progress and tradition. With its improved three strut construction, weight is reduced and turning speed increased. Are you ready to loop?

We have three types of twintips: spin, armada and breeze

We also have four types of surf : Shaka, Silex and Dusky and tombstone

Finally, we have our new acquisition the flow, made for foil kitesurfing!

Select from a wide range of designs your perfect match! Form jellyfishes to cars you have all design that you need

Not convinced? you have no excuse because with BEST you can Crete your own board! let your personality shine through and become the coolest at the beach

Looking for a cooler more surfer apparel? we got you. Check out our unique t-shirts 

You know what? you not only can customise your board and your kite, you can even match it with an awesome t-shirt or hoodie. Cool eh?

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