“Do it all” is a bold claim but the Best TS lives up to it. Its hybrid shape combines the explosiveness of a C-kite with the usability of a bow kite, hence the best of both worlds. The Open-C crossover design provides lively turning speed and massive lift. It’s got almost the grunt of a Roca but rewards experienced piloting skills with powerful performance. It offers explosive pop and good line slack for your advanced tricks and manoeuvres. So if you like to unhook or ride under very different conditions the TS is for you. Get your new TS at 40 % discount or buy TS complete with a Red Bar at 45 % off now! 45 % on TS+Bar

Freeride/Old School


Rocking the bays and lagoons, open waters or even snow you want a kite that never let’s you down. The Best Roca is a match: Freeride monster. Visible sweep in the tips promises good bow kite genes to cover any condition with endless depower. Sheet in and leap off, jumping on demand. Its hang-time will hold you up in the sky forever, perfect for hooked-in old school tricks. Otherwise you’ll just enjoy ploughing the water thanks to the Roca’s incredible grunt. Get your brand new Roca at 40 % off or complete with a Red Bar at 45 % discount! 45 % on Roca+Bar



Wave riding is the true essence of our sport for many – kitesurf. You always want a great Freeride kite which is true for the Cabo. But you’re looking for the right companion in waves. What you need is premium drift and the smoothest bar pressure. Drift allows you to just park the kite when surfing the wave; it will follow you like a dog until you turn the heat on. Smooth bar pressure is key to stay on board when turning back under power. Shoot a rad strapless jump or just turn enjoying fast steering, pivoting when you want. Get your brand new Cabo with 40 % discount or Cabo complete with a Red Bar at 45 % off! 45 % on Cabo+Bar



A modern C-kite like the Best GP is not a classic car. If you’re used to go for unhooked tricks you want to load your kite with no mercy, you edge and pop with power. You want your kite to travel along stable providing enough line slack so you can finish as many rotations as possible before you spot your landing. Get high, keep it low – a catapult like the GP is for the more experienced rider. Thanks to the 5th line safety you wouldn’t mind to risk this high performance C-kite every once in a while when working on a new trick. Get your brand new GP with 40 % discount or buy the all new GP complete with our 5th-line Black Bar at 45 % off now! 45 % on GP+Bar